Collection: Started Pullets (8+ weeks)

Orders for Started Pullets can begin being placed on the 15th of each month until sold-out. Those orders are then filled starting the first Tuesday of the following month. For example, if you place an order on January 15th the order will be scheduled for a pick up starting after February 7th or will ship out on February 7th (the first Tuesday of that month). Any order placed between Jan 15th and Feb 7th will still be filled by Feb 7th. Orders placed after Feb 7th, but before new inventory is uploaded on Feb 15th will be filled as soon as possible as those birds are of age and ready to go. The order and fulfillment cycle will start over on the 15th of the next month.

We DO NOT take started pullet pre-orders for months in advance. This is due to variables including egg production, hatch rates, sex ratios and knowing grow-out space availability 4 months prior to when the started pullets become ready.

 Please refer to the availability chart below to reference when pullets will be available to pre-order and pick up or have shipped each month for 2023.

 Started Pullets are sold through our website ONLY. Please DO NOT come to the farm to purchase pullets. We will schedule ALL pullet order pick ups via email. 

Our started pullets are females that are at least 8 weeks of age, but usually older when ready for their new coops. When available, they are shipped on Tuesdays through the United States Post Office via Priority Express. All started pullets have been vaccinated for Marek's Disease and come from flocks that are tested routinely for Mycoplasmas and Avian Influenza.

The minimum purchase for started pullets is one, but we strongly suggest purchasing two or more at a time. Integrating a single bird into an existing flock can be very stressful for that bird. If at all possible, integrating two or more at a time is ideal so that they are not singled out and picked on by the existing flock.

Although our birds have been vaccinated and come from disease-free flocks, practicing good bio-security measures is key to maintaining a healthy flock of your own. Please always remember to quarantine new birds upon arrival. A 30-day quarantine from your flock is a simple and necessary bio-security measure to ensure the safety of both your new birds and your current birds.

Due to limited space on our farm, pullets will not be available at all times. As space allows, we will offer pullets on pre-order with set shipping time frames. If you cannot receive the birds during the shipping time frame, we ask that you wait to pre-order your pullets until you'll be able to receive them during our shipping window.