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Customers located in Maryland and South Central Pennsylvania can order our frozen meat products, eggs, jerky and dog treats online for weekly local delivery through Market Wagon.

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About Our Eggs


Deer Run Farm Pasture Raised Heritage Breed Chicken Eggs

     You can expect the best tasting, most flavorful and bright Sunday morning breakfast when you use Deer Run Farm's pasture-raised eggs!

     Our eggs are collected fresh daily from our pasture-raised, heritage breed chickens. Our birds live and thrive on the rolling pasture lands we provide them. With access to fresh air, bugs and grasses to consume and an environment filled with lots to explore, our chickens are living their best lives and providing us with the best eggs possible. 

     Every dozen is packed with some of each colored egg we offer for a unique appeal to those who've only seen white or brown eggs in the store. What makes the eggs so colorful, you may be thinking? It's the breeds of the hens that lay them. Each breed we raise is considered a heritage breed (not a commercial hybrid bred to lay unethically) and each lay a specific colored egg including blues, greens, chocolate browns and speckled shades. The shells of our eggs are harder, albumens are thicker (egg white), and the yolks are a bright ORANGE color, raised and resting nicely on top of the whites. Their appearance and taste can all be attributed to their free-range-on-pasture-all-year-around lifestyle and their supplemented feeds that are made right here on the farm that were properly balanced specifically to meet the needs of our heritage breeds of chickens that are raised on pasture, naturally. 

     Our eggs can be purchased at our on farm store, through farmers' markets and through Market Wagon. Our eggs for consumption are NOT sold on or through our website at this time.

     Eggs are typically in stock regularly from February through September, but fluctuate in availability during the colder months and the shorter days of the year. It's recommended to call for egg availability before coming to the farm.


For wholesale inquires please contact Allison by email at:

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  • Caged

    Chickens raised in cages never get to leave those cages. On average, a single caged layer has 67 square inches of cage space to themself - that's equivalent to a single sheet of letter sized paper. These hens are denied their ability to roost, nest and dustbathe, which are all natural chicken behaviors important to their welfare.

  • Cage-Free

    Chickens raised as "cage free" are those that live in flocks composed of several thousands at a time. These are birds that can move about in a confined chicken house and lay their eggs in nest boxes, but never get to experience the outdoors. Each hen is estimated to have it's own 1.25 square feet of floor space.

  • Free-Range

    The only difference between cage-free chickens and free-range chickens is that the free-range chickens are required to have a single access point to be able to go outside. This requirement does not regulate how long the access to the outdoors is available to them and there's no guarantee that the birds will even go outdoors.

  • Pasture-Raised

    Pasture-raised chickens are those that have access to pasture all day, every day. Most often they are chickens kept in a stationary or mobile coop in a pasture with poultry netting to keep them confined to a specific area of pasture until they are moved to fresh pasture after a few days of grazing.