🐥 PREORDERS for our SPRING 2024 HATCH season will begin on November1st, 2023. 🐥

About The Hatchery

The Hatchery at Deer Run Farm was established in May of 2017 when we purchased the existing poultry operation from our neighbors, Will Morrow and Kent Ozkum of Whitmore Farm. They first started breeding and selling their poultry stock in 2003. After 14 years of building a quality reputation with quality flocks, they believed in us and trusted that we could not only continue their legacy, but expand on it and make it a successful part of our own farm.

Deer Run Farm is now the home of five heritage breed chicken flocks that are carefully bred to the standards of perfection set forth by the American Poultry Association. All of our birds are tested regularly for disease to ensure their health which affords us the opportunity to sell our hatching eggs, chicks and started birds with confidence of their health to our customers.

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