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Started Pullets

Our Delaware pullets will be 8-12 weeks old upon shipment. Our line of Delaware usually begin to lay between 20-22 weeks of age. Allowing your pullets time to adjust and become accustomed to their new home will help keep them on track with their laying cycle. Please see our Delaware Breed Page for more information on this breed.

Class: American
Type: Large Fowl

  • Layer of large/Xl-arge, tan/peach colored eggs
  • 180-260 eggs per year
  • Begins to lay around 4-5 months of age
  • Cold hardy
  • Large in size when mature (hens weighing 6.5lbs, roosters weighing 8.5lbs)
  • Excellent foragers
  • Docile and very curious
  • Dual-purpose: one of the original meat birds prior to the Cornish-cross
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