Juvenile Chicks

Started chicks between 4-6 weeks old.

New inventory of Juvenile Chicks is uploaded to this page on the 15th of each month. Those birds are then made available for pick up or shipping the second week of the following month.

(ex: January 15th upload - available 2nd week of February.)

  • Minimum Requirements

    Chickens are social creatures and need companionship to thrive, especially when young. For this reason, we do have a minimum order of 3 Juvenile chicks per order. We will not sell less than 3 juveniles for any reason.

  • Straight Run

    Juvenile chickens are 6 week old birds that may or may not be sexed that are free from disease and illness and are fully feathered and off heat lamp making it possible to integrate into a coop right away.  Although we do not guarantee the sex of our juveniles, at 6 weeks old we are able to select and offer the most feminine featured birds for the fulfillment of our customer's orders. While there is no guarantee of their sex, most customers report a 90%+ rate of females in their orders.

  • Vaccinations

    All juvenile birds will be VACCINATED FOR MAREK'S DISEASE and come from flocks that have also been vaccinated and tested free from disease. We DO NOT and WILL NOT offer juvenile chicks that are not vaccinated.

  • Color Requests

    Requests for specific colors of Ameraucana, Copper Marans and Olive Egger juveniles may be made in the comments section at check out. We will do our best to meet these requests, but we cannot make any guarantees.

  • Ordering Procedures

    Orders for Juveniles can begin being placed on the 15th of each month until sold-out. Those orders are then filled the second Tuesday of the following month. For example, if you place an order on January 15th the order will be scheduled for a pick up or will ship out on February 14th (the second Tuesday of that month). Any order placed between Jan 15th and Feb 14th will still be filled on Feb 14th. Orders placed after Feb 14th, but before new inventory is uploaded on Feb 15th will be filled as soon as possible as those birds are of age and ready to go. The order and fulfillment cycle will start over on the 15th of the next month.

    We DO NOT take juvenile pre-orders for months in advance. This is due to variables including egg production, hatch rates, sex ratios and knowing grow-out space availability 2 months prior to when the juveniles become ready.

    Pick up and mail order options can be selected at checkout.

  • Order Fulfillment/Shipping Procedures

    Juvenile orders for pick up will be contacted before the second Tuesday of the month to schedule a pick up. Boxes will be provided for pick up orders. For biosecurity reasons, we do not allow customers access to our breeding pens and do not allow customers to select their own birds. Please be on time for your scheduled pick up or call/text/email us if you're running late. We are a working farm and cannot wait around for late arrivals and don't want the birds in boxes longer than they need to be. We appreciate your cooperation.

    Mail order juveniles ship out the second Tuesday of the month. They must ship via USPS Priority Mail Express and in USPS approved live shipping boxes. The USPS approved shipping boxes are designed to hold less than 10lbs of weight with plenty of filtered airflow to protect your birds in transit. Shipping cost is calculated at check out based on the quantity of chicks being purchased and the distance in which they will travel. It can be very expensive to ship started birds, but our shipping costs are calculated directly through the USPS and can not be manipulated, unfortunately. Shipped juvenile chicks are sent with grogel (electrolytes in gel form) for hydration and typically arrive within 48 hours after shipping. Customers will be provided with tracking information as soon as we return from the post office from shipping the birds.

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Juvenile chicks are a great place to start if you're just getting into chickens. They're old enough that they're no longer on supplemented heat to thrive, but are still young enough to learn to bond with their caregiver.

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