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Ameraucana Pullet (8+ weeks)

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Our Ameraucana pullets will be 8-12 weeks old upon shipment. Our line of Ameraucana pullets usually begin to lay right around 22 weeks of age. Allowing your pullets time to adjust and become accustomed to their new surroundings will keep them on track for laying as soon as 22 weeks old.

Please see our Ameraucana Breed Page for more information on this breed. Our Ameraucana flock is considered "BBS" (or blue, black, splash) Ameraucanas. With the limited amount of space we have to grow our pullets out, we are only able to offer specific color varieties as they are available. If the inventory is marked as "0" we are sold out of that particular color variety. Use the selection drop down menu to select the color variety you would like.


Class: All Other Breeds
Type: Large Fowl
Variety: BBS

  • Layer of medium/large, blue eggs
  • 180-200 eggs per year
  • Begins to lay around 5-6 months of age
  • Cold hardy
  • Medium in size when mature (hens weighing 5.5lbs, roosters weighing 6.5lbs)
  • Pea Comb (great for colder areas of the states with wet weather)
  • A TRUE Ameraucana is still relatively rare 
  • Considered dual-purpose

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