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Hatching Egg: Copper Marans

Hatching Egg: Copper Marans

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Please see our Copper Marans Breed Page for more information on this breed. Our Copper Marans flock is considered "BBS" (or blue, black, splash flock) Copper Marans Flock. This means your egg order may contain eggs capable of hatching chicks of those three color types. We do not have the capacity to separate each color to provide eggs that will hatch chicks of a specific color.


Class: Continental
Type: Large Fowl
Variety: BBS

  • Layer of large, chocolate brown eggs
  • 150-200 eggs per year
  • Begins to lay around 5-7 months of age
  • Cold hardy
  • Large in size when mature (hens weighing 6.5lbs, roosters weighing 8lbs)
  • Feathered legs and toes
  • Docile
  • Considered dual-purpose
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