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1 Dozen (12) Ameraucana Eggs

1 Dozen (12) Ameraucana Eggs

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This item is for 12 BBS Ameraucana hatching eggs. Eggs will have been collected no more than 3 days before their fulfillment date. Shipped orders will be packed in foam egg shippers and mailed via USPS per customer's shipping selection at check out. Chicks from these eggs will be of blue, black and splash color varieties. 

Our hatching eggs are regularly tested for fertility and hatchability as we hatch chicks weekly. Eggs of specific breed's that don't meet our 90% fertility threshold will not be offered. We will wait until we meet that 90% fertility threshold of our own set hatching eggs before offering that breed's hatching eggs to customers. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT guarantee any hatch rates. Please refer to our hatching egg policy found here to learn more. 

Please refer to our Ameraucana breed page for more information on the breed.

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