Copper Marans

Deer Run Farm Copper Marans HenKnown for their famous, chocolate brown eggs, the Copper Marans were developed in France in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They were approved and accepted into the American Poultry Associated in the Continental Class in April 2011. Deer Run Farm's Copper Marans flock includes Black Copper, Blue Copper and Splash Copper color varieties.
The Black Copper variety is the most common variety in France and is generally believed to have the darkest egg color of all the varieties. The Blue Copper variety is a striking color combination with all the traits Black Copper Marans are famous for. The French Marans website acknowledges that Blue Copper Marans, although rare and not a recognized variety, have been around as long as the Black Copper variety has. The nice thing about raising Black Copper and Blue Copper Marans is that you can run the birds together and still get purebred Black Copper Marans and purebred Blue Copper Marans. The blue color gene is a variant of the black color gene, they occupy the same loci on the chromosome. Think of the blue color gene as a dilution gene. It dilutes out the black color. Gray is a dilute black.
Copper Marans in Hay Feeder
Marans lay the largest egg of the breeds we raise. Eggs from one year old hens average 2.27 oz (64.4 g) and meet the USDA "extra large" classification. Eggs from adult hens frequently hit the jumbo benchmark. Marans egg color is a very controversial and often misunderstood topic. I've raised several different bloodlines of Marans and these are by far the best. They have the darkest eggs I've been able to find. Egg color does vary by individual bird, by the time of the year, and varies depending on their diet and management (free range on green pasture vs. confinement). Generally speaking, the eggs from these birds average around 7 with some 6 and some 8, on the French 1-9 color scale. It is unrealistic to expect every bird in your flock to lay a dark egg all year long. Egg color does not work like that. We occasionally get a 9, but it is the exception and it is usually in early spring or late fall when birds are just coming on line.
Copper Marans Chocolate EggsMarans have the lowest lay rate of the breeds we raise. Some speculate that selecting for dark eggs reduces lay rate because dark eggs pass thru the oviduct more slowly receiving additional coats of color. Brown egg color is controlled by at least 14 genes and is not well understood. If it were as simple as only hatching the dark eggs, everyone would have a good line within one generation. Deer Run Farm will continue to select for improved lay rate and monitor egg color in successive generations to be sure it does not suffer.
  Deer Run Farm employs flock breeding, so when you place an order for day old chicks you will get a mixture of both Black Copper Marans and Blue Copper Marans chicks, and occasionally a Splash Copper Marans chick. Basically, whatever black copper/blue copper/splash copper color ratio hatches out that week.
Black Copper Marans ChickBlue Copper Marans Chick

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