Collection: Nik&Co

Dehydrated Dog Treats
Shortly after the retail sales of beef began on the farm, we quickly discovered that the market for some beef products such as the liver, heart, tongue and tail were not as popular. In order to keep product moving we invested in a large dehydrator that we sampled dehydrated products with our own dogs, Nike and CoPilot. With their approval, we started making the dehydrated products in bulk. Realizing our dogs couldn't eat it all on their own, we created Nik&Co.

Currently we offer both Dehydrated Beef and Chicken treats. All of our products are simply, just that, dehydrated. We don't use any additives in our products so they're all natural and healthy for dogs. Each product offered is 1/4th lb bag.

You can purchase our dehydrated dog treat products here, or in our on farm store or at our farmers' markets. All treats have been tested and approved by our very own Bernese Mountain Dog pups, Nike and CoPilot!
You can also shop current availability with a delivery option through the online farmers' market here: Market Wagon