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Pullet "Prime Days" at Deer Run Farm

Each month when uploading inventory of started pullets we always hold an extra one or two of each breed just in case (not sexed correctly, predator attack, illness, etc.). Now we've got a random pen full of "left over pullets" that need new homes. While we could keep them for ourselves, it would be hard to integrate only a few into a large flock with an established pecking order already. 
As left overs we are offering these girls at a reduced price to move them quickly to make room for our upcoming Fall hatches. It's also the well-known Amazon Prime Days so we thought we'd run our own form of "Prime Day too"! These girls range in age from 14 weeks to 20 weeks. Many will be laying as soon as the weather warms up!
Please note that there are some girls that aren't perfectly bred to their respective standard of perfection. They may have a crooked toe, off-coloring, lack of beard or muff. Even so, these girls will still make excellent additions to any backyard flock and will lay wonderfully in due time. These girls will be marked differently below.

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