Our "From Start To Finish" Philosophy

Knowing exactly where your food comes from is not only important for your health and well-being, but it's also important for the world in which we live. 


At the heart of our core values is being able to provide our customers with products that we can proudly stand behind knowing their safe, nutritious, delicious and were farmed with the land and animals' well-being at the forefront of our operation. 


From start to finish, we are connected with each animal that we raise here. All of our cows, pigs and chickens are born right here on our farm. All of the feed we raise our animals on is planted, grown and harvested right on our farm as well. We never use any hormones, unnecessary antibiotics nor artificial substances in rearing our animals. We implement rotational grazing of our cattle and free range our chickens on pasture all year round. We're big advocates for no-till farming to ensure the health of our soil for the generations to come and to produce crops packed with the most nutrition for our animals. We firmly believe that our ability to raise our animals from their very first breath to their very last makes all the difference in the final product that our customers get to enjoy. Consistency in the animal's way of life and how they are fed matters. We're one of very few farms that can say their animals are born on their farm, raised on their farm and fed diets consisting of crops grown on their farm.

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