Hatching Eggs: Mail Order Disabled

Unfortunately with the onset of COVID, the demand for shipping has increased nationwide. The U.S. postal service has been operating at an overwhelming capacity and this has caused a lack of care and concern for packages traveling with them. Their current goal is to get your packages to you as fast as they can... even if that means handling them poorly. 
Due to an alarming number of customer's receiving broken or severely "scrambled" hatching eggs, we've decided to discontinue shipping hatching eggs until further notice. We will reevaluate our decision when the COVID situation has passed. 
We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will continue to offer our hatching eggs for on farm pick up. If you're unable to pick up on the farm please consider a purchase of our day old chicks as another, safer, more guaranteed option to grow and expand your flock!

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