NEW FOR 2019!!

We've been asked for the past year and half if we would ever sell chicken for consumption. With the new USDA inspected poultry facility in Gettysburg, PA we can finally offer our pasture-raised, heritage chicken for consumption!
Our birds are born and raised directly on our farm and cared for with the utmost respect. They're raised on pasture with a supplemental feed to ensure proper nutrition and vitamin intake. We don't use any hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.
Because our chickens are raised on pasture and are not your typical commercial meat birds, but rather heritage breeds, you can expect to cook the meat a bit differently than what you would with store bought chicken.
Store bought chicken is usually the product of a commercial farm with an enclosed building operation. Their birds are typically Cornish Crosses that have been genetically bred and reproduced to sit, eat and sleep only. They're usually sent for processing by 6 weeks of age. If left to grow older it's likely their bodies would be too heavy for their legs and would likely die soon after. 
Our birds live a minimum of 14 weeks with access to the outdoors and are able to roam freely. The meat is sometimes considered tough if not cooked appropriately. This is due to the birds being able to use their muscles when foraging and exploring their coop. Cooking your pasture-raised, heritage meat LOW and SLOW will allow the meat to tenderize and thoroughly absorb it's best flavor. 
Our pasture-raised, heritage chicken is currently only available on our on farm store and at the farmers' markets we attend throughout the year. 

What cuts we offer:

Whole Birds - $5.50/lb+

Thighs - $10.50/lb

Boneless Breasts - $13.00/lb

Wings & Legs - $8.25/lb

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