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Easter Egger - Black Copper

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These Easter Egger started pullets will be a minimum of 17 weeks old, but no older than 28 weeks old at the time of order fulfillment. We will do our best to select birds that seem to be of the same age, but we cannot make any guarantees due to different inherited traits from their parents (some will grow and develop faster than others although the same age). 

SOME of these birds will have been vaccinated for Marek's Disease if they were hatched by us. Those hatched naturally by their mothers will NOT have been vaccinated, but should carry some immunities received from their vaccinated mothers.

Most pullets will be nearing their first egg lay, but there is a chance that some have already begun, while others will hold off until Spring when it's warmer with longer days to lay their first eggs. Regardless, all will be laying this coming Spring with several years of egg laying still ahead of them.

Color varieties offered do NOT guarantee a purebred bird. The decision to offer color varieties is just a kind gesture to those always looking for a variety to add to their flocks. Please note that all birds offered have the potential to lay eggs of the following colors: tan, pink, beige, brown, chocolate, terra-cotta, brown-speckled, blue, green, sage, ivy, olive and olive-speckled. We cannot make any guarantee of what egg color your bird will lay.

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