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Day Old Chick: Welsummer

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Please see our Welsummer Breed Page for more information on this breed.

Our Welsummer breed is the only breed we can sex as chicks. They are not considered sex linked, but our line of Welsummers are bred to have more distinct feather patterns when female than our males. When available, we will offer our chicks as sexed. Please use the drop down menu to make your sex selection, or select the "straight run" option if you'd like a mix of both sexes.

Class: Continental
Type: Large Fowl

  • Layer of large/X-large, dark brown, speckled colored eggs
  • 200-280 eggs per year
  • Begins to lay around 5-6 months of age
  • Cold hardy
  • Large in size when mature (hens weighing 6lbs, roosters weighing 7lbs)
  • Excellent foragers
  • Considered dual-purpose
  • The Kellogg's Rooster was a Welsummer!

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