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Cull Pullets (5 months old)
Cull Pullets (5 months old)

Cull Pullets (5 months old)

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Our cull pullets are birds that were grown out as replacement stock for our older birds that we're retiring. Before integrating new birds into our current flocks we evaluate each of them towards the standard of perfection. Only birds that meet breeding quality are integrated back into the flock. Those that do not meet breeding quality standards are housed separately and sold since we are culling them from our breeding program. 

Although they're not considered breeding quality, they still make excellent backyard flock additions and will lay just as excellent as any other bird of their breed. 

These particular birds are being culled for various reasons, with most of those reasons being as follows:

  • Underweight for their age
  • Poor body type
  • Crooked Toes
  • Improper feather color
  • Lack of copper on hackles (Copper Marans)
  • Lack of feathered toes and shanks (Copper Marans)