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Cockerels (8+ weeks) MALES

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Please use the drop down menu to make your breed selection of cockerel you wish to purchase.
started cockerels range from 8-12 weeks of age. When available, they are shipped on Tuesdays through the United States Post Office via Priority Express. All started cockerels have been vaccinated for Marek's and New Castle Disease and come from flocks that are tested routinely for Mycoplasmas and Avian Influenza.
The minimum purchase for started cockerel is one, but we strongly suggest purchasing them along with a started pullet if possible. Integrating a single bird into an existing flock can be very stressful for that bird. Integrating two or more at a time is ideal so that they are not singled out and picked on by the existing flock.
Although our birds have been vaccinated and come from disease-free flocks, practicing good bio-security measures is key to maintaining a healthy flock of your own. Please always remember to quarantine new birds upon arrival. A 30-day quarantine from your flock is a simple and necessary bio-security measure to ensure the safety of both your new birds and your current birds.
Due to limited space on our farm, cockerels will not be available at all times. As space allows, we will offer cockerels on pre-order with set shipping time frames. If you cannot receive the birds during the shipping time frame, we ask that you wait to pre-order your cockerels until you'll be able to receive them during our shipping window. 

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