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Juveniles: Mail Order

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Beginning in 2021, Deer Run Farm will offer Juvenile chickens for on farm pick up and shipping.

Please refer to our breed pages for information on each of the breeds we offer: AmeraucanaCopper MaransDelaware, Olive Egger and Welsummer.

Juvenile chickens are 6 week old birds that may or may not be sexed that are free from disease and illness and are fully feathered and off heat lamp making it possible to integrate into a coop right away. 

All juvenile birds will be VACCINATED FOR MAREK'S DISEASE and come from flocks that have also been vaccinated and tested free from disease. We DO NOT offer sexed juvenile birds, although we will ALWAYS offer as many obvious pullets that we can in your order.  The benefit to purchasing juvenile chicks is that we've done the hard work of caring for chicks under heat for you, but you can still make an impression on your new additions since they're still young enough to do so!

Juvenile birds for on farm pick up have a minimum order quantity of 2. This is to ensure that they each have a friend to integrate into a new flock with and will help alleviate any stress caused by the rehoming. Juveniles for shipping have a minimum order quantity of 3 and must be ordered in quantities of 3. This is to ensure their safety in transit. The USPS approved shipping boxes are designed to hold less than 10lbs of weight with plenty of filtered airflow to protect your birds in transit. Shipping cost is calculated at check out based on the quantity of chicks being purchased and the distance in which they will travel. These prices are calculated directly through the USPS who is the only carrier that accepts live animal shipments. Requests for specific colors of Ameraucanas, Copper Marans and Olive Eggers may be made in the comments section at check out. We will do our best to meet these requests, but we cannot make any guarantees. 

Although our birds have been vaccinated and come from disease-free flocks, practicing good bio-security measures is key to maintaining a healthy flock of your own. Please always remember to quarantine new birds upon arrival. A 30-day quarantine from your flock is a simple and necessary bio-security measure to ensure the safety of both your new birds and your current birds.