Our Fall hatch is now CLOSED.


We will begin taking pre-orders for our Spring 2022 hatch season on November 1st. Spring orders will be filled on Tuesdays each week from March 1st through June 28th 2022.
We're happy to provide our customers with the healthiest, day old, Heritage chicks that only we can provide. Our chicks come from flocks that are raised 100% on pasture and are tested quarterly for Mycoplasma Gallisepticum, Mycoplasma Synoviae and Avian Influenza. Our flocks are also tested yearly for Pollorium Typhoid as required by every US State. Customers can expect to receive the appropriate NPIP paperwork along with their order via email or hardcopy if requested.
All of our chicks are hatched on Tuesdays in the Spring and the fall. They're each vaccinated for Marek's Disease within a few hours after they hatch. We dip their beaks in water and offer free choice feed to them while they await pick up or prior to being packed up to ship out. This gives them the opportunity to have the healthiest start in life.
Day old chicks are sold for on-farm pick up and for mail order. With our NPIP certificate and disease free status we're able to, and have permits (where needed) to, ship to all US States. Our chicks for mail order are shipped the same day they hatch. This allows each chick 72 hours in transit to live off of their yolks without needing additional food or water to survive their trip. As a precaution, chicks are shipped with a 72 hour heat pack (when needed) and grogel (electrolyte solution in gel form) for hydration.
We fill orders in the order they are placed based on the date of fulfillment selected prior to checking out. While we do our best to hit these fulfillment dates, there are some circumstances out of our control that may prevent this. With this in mind, please note that not every selected fulfillment date will be filled. In the event that we cannot fill your order on your requested date we will be in touch with you to arrange a new fulfillment date or refund your order. 
Sometimes our Spring and Fall Hatch seasons fill up quick leaving customers with long wait times to receive their chicks. We've set up an "Overhatch Alert List" so that customers may sign up to find out what's available weekly after pre-orders have been filled. If interested, please sign up here: https://www.deerrunfarmmd.com/pages/deerrunchicks-subscribe-page


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