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Fresh From The Farm! - September 2018 -

Posted by Allison Rostad on

Posted 10/2/2018 11:10am by Allison Rostad.
September 2018
Fall Hatch 
We did it again! Our last batch of chicks for the fall hatch season are set to hatch next Tuesday. Thanks to all of you we were able to ship several hundreds of chicks out this season. Now it's time to let the girls molt and rejuvenate for next Spring. Stay tuned; we'll be opening Spring chick orders in November!
Reseeding Pastures
Stewardship on our farm also means reseeding the pastures to promote new growth and healthy grounds. In between all the heavy rains we've had we managed to pull the cattle inside and reseed their main grazing pastures. At first, we we're skeptical if the seeds would grow, but it's already starting to look good in some of our bare spots!
An Olive Egg Adventure
We've started off on an adventure to breed a quality and consistent olive egg layer. This September we hatched two small batches of future olive egg layers. Our olive eggers are a cross of one of our best Welsummer Roosters over several of our selective Ameraucanas. We wont have Olive Eggers available for sale until we've bred a consistent bird thoroughly. It may be a few years, but we're dedicated to breeding quality amongst our flocks and the eggs they lay! 
Are You On The Map?
Now that there's an office to work out of, we've hung a BIG state map to put on the wall. This map's purpose will be to mark all the places we've sent chicks and eggs to over the years. We hope to have a thumb tac in every state before long. If you or anyone you know in Nevada, Utah, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Delaware, Rhode Island or Vermont is in the market for quality hatching eggs or chicks point them in our direction! Those are the only states we haven't yet shipped to, but we want to :)

 Meet Your Farmer
- Josh -
Josh is a farmer through and through. He's also super competitive. With the summer fairs and fall show season upon us he's anxious to show off his farm products. Most recently he entered silage, corn stocks, corn ears and 2 dozen eggs into our local community show taking first place in 3 of 5 entries!