Fresh From The Farm! - November 2018 -

by Allison Rostad

Posted 11/29/2018 12:10pm by Allison Rostad.
November 2018

Picking Corn
Last month we were chopping corn. This month we're picking some! The chopped corn is used to make silage for the cows. The picked corn is put into our corn crib and used throughout the year to grind into a finishing feed for animals set to butcher and to add as a top dressing to their feed for an extra protein diet for mother cows with intense-nursing calves. Unfortunately with all the rain we've had, our yield just isn't what it should be. The one true thing you can't help as a farmer is mother nature's weather decisions.
 Weaned Calves
Once a year, when calves are 7 months old, we wean them from their moms. This is the time of year when they're old enough to feed and care for themselves. Since we try to have majority of the mothers calving at the same time, it's easy for us to wean most of our calves at the same time. The only downfall to this is that both moms and babies whine for one another for a few days straight. We're used to it, but we're not so sure our neighbors are yet!
First Snow Fall
 We NEVER get snow in November. Well, I shouldn't say never, but it's very rare. I'm not sure the total accumulation for our farm, but I'd guess easily 8 inches if not more of snow fell on November 15th. Funny thing is, about 10 years ago I was a junior in High School and all I wanted for my birthday was snow. Mother nature granted my wish 10 years too late because the 15th just so happened to be my birthday! I love the snow, but it's not the easiest to work in. Forecasters only predicted a few inches before it turned to rain so we certainly weren't prepared to winterize the coops and barn so early this year.
Prenez La Journeé Par Les Cocos
"Grab the day by the eggs!", a little french lingo I picked up while in Ottawa, ON, Canada for a birthday getaway with Josh. Every year for my birthday we go to a Pittsburgh Penguins game. It just so happened that this year they played in Ottawa against the Senators. Since we're farmers there's not usually an option to vacation, but we're lucky enough to have Josh's mom who was willing to help out on the farm and do our share of work so we could get away. While exploring downtown Ottawa we stumbled upon a restaurant called Eggspectation and of course we had to eat there! Courses among courses with egg dishes to choose from and the service was phenomenal (as we found to be the case for all the restaurants in Canada). Can't wait to go back some day!

 12 Days of Christmas
I had this really cool idea in October when I was thinking about my off-farmers-market-season-things-to-do-list and I came up with a way to celebrate the holidays with all of you. We're celebrating the 12 days of Christmas! Starting December 14th we will be selecting a winner from a facebook entry giveaway to win a prize through Christmas day. The best part is that you only have to enter once, but will have 14 days to win. AND, the prizes are stackable (meaning day one winner will get the first prize, day two winner will get the first and second prize, day three will get the first, second and third prize continuing this pattern through until the twelfth winner will get all 12 prizes offered)! The giveaway wont start until December 1st, but head on over to our facebook page and make sure you follow our page so you'll see when it's announced!

 Meet Your Farmer!
- TomCat -
One of our newest members to the farm team is TomCat. TomCat, also known as "Tom" or "TC" was found abandoned in our barn early Spring. After cleaning him up and caring for him, he's turned out to be a necessary helper at our farmers' markets. You'd be surprised at the crowd this guy can drum up!