Fresh From The Farm! -May 2018-

by Allison Rostad

Posted 5/26/2018 4:49pm by Allison Rostad.

May 2018

Seminar Success
As of May 12th we can finally say we hosted our first "big" event on our farm. Having never hosted an event like the poultry swap with Jim Adkins of the Sustainable Poultry Network, we didn't know exactly what to prepare for. After days of preparation and anticipation, the event came and went SUCCESSFULLY! Ahhh - what a sigh of relief :) The food was good, the people were great (and I hope enjoyed themselves and learned a few things!) and Jim did a wonderful job teaching and keeping everyone entertained. Hopefully this will be the first of many future events on our farm!

End of the Season

Welp, we survived our first full Spring hatch season! Our last eggs for chick orders are in the incubators and set to hatch on June 5th. We're thrilled with the amount of orders we received and were able to fill this season. I met and talked with soo many new chick buyers that picked up on the farm and hopefully made some buyers-for-life! We'll shut down the incubators and hatchers following the last hatch and do a full clean out and disinfection of the hatchery. Be on the lookout for our Fall hatch schedule as we hope to determine the dates here soon!

Ready, Set, Market!

Market season is upon us and in full swing now! Somehow we managed to drum up enough time and help to be able to attend not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR markets. Should you ever be in the neighborhood, make a point to stop and see us at any of the following markets:

Thursdays from 12p-6p: Fulks Corner Market, Gaithersburg, MD

Fridays from 10a-1p: Key City Food and Farmers' Market, Frederick, MD

Saturdays from 9a-1p: Farmers' Market at Maple Lawn, Fulton, MD

Saturdays from 9a-1pm: Thurmont Farmers' Market, Thurmont, MD


Cows on Pasture

No more monsoon means the cows can finally return to pasture after being held in the barn for the winter. I recently read an article about how to herd your cattle from one pasture to the next. There were different techniques described like a "zig zag" run from their behind or enticing them with food. I should write to the author and let him know he forgot one other method... at Deer Run Farm we simply call for our girls. One by one they come running when they see a gate open and one of us calling! They truly are happy, happy cows!

Chicken Tenders Unite!
After being a graphic designer for all of my "career life", it's been quite the transition to becoming a full time farmer.. or what I like to call a full time Chicken Tender. To stay connected with my original roots of graphic design, I recently designed a farm T-Shirt for markets and events that we attend. I've received so many comments on the shirts like, "oh my gosh, I need a shirt like that" that I've made them available for purchase on our Facebook page! Support our farm and join the Chicken Tender team :)

Mother Earth News Fair 
We're just a weekend away from the Mother Earth News Fair that's being held at the Frederick Fairgrounds on June 2nd and 3rd. This event is sure to bring about lots of traffic with lots of fun things to learn and do! If you have time next weekend come see us and experience this new event coming to Frederick! We will be raffling off a flock of chicks on both Saturday and Sunday while advocating for disease testing and biosecurity practices.

Poultry Swap - Round 2
Eeeekkk! Missed the first poultry swap in April? No worries! Deer Run Farm will be at Green Hill's Summer Poultry swap on June 9th from 8a-2p. We plan to have chicks, started birds and a few hens available for purchase that day along with our usual, beef products! 

Meet Your Farmer!
- Annie - 
Ever purchased eggs from us? Your farmer, Annie Stewart (Josh's Mom) has stepped in as our egg washing machine! Once a home economics teacher, she now resides on the farm with more work than when she retired. We can't begin to express how lucky we are to have such a hardworking, caring hand since taking over Whitmore Farm's poultry operation.