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Fresh From The Farm! - December 2018 -

Posted by Allison Rostad on

Posted 12/31/2018 12:57pm by Allison Rostad.
December 2018
12 Days of Christmas Giveaway
What a fun giveaway to host! On our Facebook page, starting on December 14th we picked one winner each day leading up to Christmas day. Each day the winner would get the giveaway from the days before their day up until their day's giveaway. We had sooo many new entries everyday and our Facebook gained a lot of new friends and followers. We're looking forward to offering more giveaways in the future.
Egg Production Increase
Last year at this time we were just barely getting enough eggs to make one dozen every day... from 800+ chickens. This year is a totally different story! We learned a lot last year about our chickens and their laying cycle. To make sure we had eggs in the "off season" this year we hatched half of our replacement chicks early in the spring so that they would come online right as our current layers were starting to go offline. Making this small adjustment has allowed for us to be collecting a minimum of four dozen a day now! Our second batch of replacement birds are set to start laying early February when the rest of the flock should begin picking up again. I can't wait to see how many dozens of eggs we will be collecting then!
Olive Egger Update
Our Olive Egger project is coming along nicely. We've already got our eyes set on their future as they begin to lay in early March (hopefully). Although our first cross was an Ameraucana rooster over Welsummer hens ALL of the offspring look identical to the Ameraucanas with slight color differences in the pullets' chests and the cockerels back and hackle feathers. With the addition of two new coops on our farm, we hope to be able to work more quickly on the Olive Egger development to get layers of the dark olive color we desire.
Continuing The Hog Butchering Tradition
Every year between the Christmas and New Year holidays our family gets together for a hog butchering. It's one of those things that can't be done without help and so its necessary for the family to come together for it. This year we butchered three pigs that we raised on our farm. It took just shy of three days to completely finish the process, but the final product is always well worth it. We're thankful to be able to raise and process our own meats on our farm with our family.

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Meet Your Farmer!
- Allison -
With New Year's Eve upon us, you better bet you'll be able to find your farmer, Allison, at a New Year's Eve Bingo! She's been a bingo-er since she was little when her mom would go out on Friday nights with her friends to play. She's only won a few good rounds, but it's all in good fun for her.