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Ordering with Deer Run Farm

Do you ship internationally?

When do I pick up my on farm pick up order?

When will my chick order ship?

Is it safe to ship my chicks?

What's your refund policy?

What if I can only have hens in my neighborhood?

What do I do if I bought a female, but it turned out to be male?

Can you take roosters back?

Can I pick out my own birds when I pick up?

Will my birds be show quality?

Is there a Live Arrival Guarantee on chicks?

How are hatching eggs shipped?

Why didn't my hatching eggs hatch?

What is the minimum order for chicks?

What quantities do you sell your hatching eggs?

Do I have to have my chicks vaccinated for Marek's Disease?

Why do you vaccinate all of your birds for Marek's Disease?

Does the Marek's Vaccine cause the virus to shed and kill unvaccinated chickens?

What's your cancellation policy?

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