Deer Run Farm


A happy cow will always provide a better tasting burger! Our cattle are all Registered Red Angus. They're born and raised on the farm only to leave for slaughter and be returned two weeks later. There are currently 37 mother cows on the farm with roughly the same number of calves. We have two herd bulls, Andy and Angus. There are about 23 heifers and steers combined that are about a year or so old in preparation to be fed out.

Red Angus Cow at Deer Run Farm

Our cows are foraged raised and grain finished with all feed produced directly on our farm. (Interested in understanding the differences in feeding methods? Check out this short and sweet article called, "Beyond Beef Basics: Grass Fed, Grain Finished & More".)

We don't use any hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. Occasionally we treat our cows to apple flavored horse treats just to remind them that we appreciate them!

Beef Logo

Beef products from Deer Run Farm will be marked with the Registered Red Angus logo seen above. This is the farm's original logo.


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