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Fresh From The Farm! - October 2018 -

Posted 10/30/2018 1:08pm by Allison Rostad.
October 2018
Corn Choppin' Season
Every year since 1996 corn's been chopped to make silage on our farm to provide feed for our cows in the winter. It's a task that takes an entire weekend and extra helping hands when we can get it. This year the fields didn't yield nearly as much as years before due to the heavy rains we received throughout the last 3 months. We were lucky enough to have a weekend dry enough to get into the fields and even luckier to have only gotten each tractor (there were 3 running) stuck just once!
Replacement Bird Evaluations
I'm pleased to announce that our 2019 replacement hens turned 5 months old on October 22nd and some have already begun to lay! I'm also very happy to share that the addition of our selective breeding program has had an extraordinary impact on the quality of these replacement birds. Each new pullet and cockerel we've integrated into the existing flocks have been weighed, handled and reviewed for quality purposes so we can assure our customers the best off-spring come the Spring hatch season. We're looking forward to seeing how beautifully these additions fill out over the winter.
Buy Time; Buy Coops!
This winter's off-season projects include tax preparations, supply restocking, cleaning and maintenance of equipment and the task of building additional coops to accommodate more grow-out birds and our olive egger project. To save time, we were lucky enough to come across two well-built mobile coops that hadn't been used in years -- for a bargain, too! To ensure the safety of our birds, we've power washed and sanitized/disinfected the entirety of both coops. One is fully ready for use while the other just needs mounted on a running gear that is having a tire replaced this week. Some times it's best to evaluate what your time is worth... sometimes buying something ready to go is the better option over spending days trying to build it yourself.

Spring Pre-OrdersYou heard it here first: Spring chick orders will open on November 1st! It's often not thought about until Spring is just around the corner, but in order to receive your chicks as soon as we start hatching in late February it's best to order before December 31st. We fill orders in the order they are received based on our availability and weather conditions in the receiving state. The sooner you place your order the sooner it will be filled. 

Be sure to check your email on November 1st for your pre-order reminder AND a deal you wont want to miss!

Meet Your Farmer

- Annie Stewart -

Usually men are associated with being the big football fans, but believe it or not, your farmer, Annie is a huge Baltimore Ravens football fan. She's knows all the latest news and gossip about the team and does her best not to miss a game.


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