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Fresh From The Farm! - August 2018 -

Posted 8/22/2018 4:45pm by Allison Rostad.
August 2018

 I'm Official, Finally!
It only took a year and a half almost, but I finally have a finished and functional office to use in our hatchery building. I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I am to have office space to keep my records, computer and printer. The past Spring and Fall hatches included many hours of moving my computer and documents in order to set up a table for hatches and vaccinations. This fall hatch is going to feel like a breeze!
Yes, you read that right. We've made some upgrades. For the past year we've been working on plastic, fold up tables in both the hatchery and washroom. Just recently we made a purchase to replace all those tables (that luckily didn't give out on us while holding our cabinet hatchers) with stainless steel ones that will hopefully last the entirety of the hatchery operation! Yay for moving up in the world!
 Going Solar!
Not us, but our chickens. After a year of opening and closing the coops every day and realizing how much time it can take from your day and what inconveniences it can cause, we've begun installing automatic doors for our coops. They run off of a solar panel attached to the outside of the coop and will close on a timer determined by our location and our sunrise and sunset. The girls are still adjusting to the use of only one door rather than 3, but slowly they're figuring it out.
 We've Got Pigs!
Every year our family has a tradition of butchering our own pork in the winter. This year, like years past, we have 3 little piggies to grow out through December. At this age they're pretty cute, but that cuteness wears off quickly when they're rolling about in their own waste! 

Eggs Are Set!
Come on Fall hatch! Eggs are set for the first and second weeks of hatches in September. Monday will be the third week of set eggs which will mark our half way point in the fall hatch. There's still time to order your chicks this fall and you can do so by clicking the button below!

Maryland Poultry Swap
This years fall poultry swap will be held in Accokeek, MD by Moose Manor Farms instead of Green Hill Farm in Sharpsburg, MD. We plan to be there and hope you can make it too! The swap will be held on Saturday, September 29th from 8am-2pm. Click the button below for more information.

Meet Your Farmer
 - Allison -
Outside of the farm life, Allison enjoys being artistic. She's an all around artist with her ability to draw, paint, build and mold just about anything you could imagine. Her most favorite thing to do at the beach is build sand sculptures and creations. 

Deer Run Farm
Registered Red Angus & Heritage Breed Chickens
15131 Sixes Road • Emmitsburg, MD 21727
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