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Fresh From The Farm! - June 2018 -

Posted 6/27/2018 10:48am by Allison Rostad.
June 2018


We've finally come to a decision on when we will have our Fall Hatch. This year, depending on the weather, we will be hatching every Tuesday from September 4th until October 9th. This is just 6 short weeks for the Fall Hatch. We will be opening up pre-orders on July 1st and you'll want to get your orders in as soon as possible! Be on the lookout for a reminder email on the 1st that will have a direct link for pre-orders.


MENF Recap
Our first Mother Earth News Fair in the books! Leading up to the event we were awfully nervous with it being our first "big" fair spot as a vendor. Not knowing what to expect or how many people would be there, we still managed to survive... and not only survive, but meet a ton of new potential clients and chicken lovers from all over! An email was sent out to vendors with a recap of the weekend's turnout noting 10,000 attendees made it out even through the rain. If I wasn't sure before that I knew every answer to every chicken related question there could be -- I'm certain now :) Thanks to those of you who came out to support the event and it was wonderful meeting those of you who are receiving our monthly newsletter for the first time!


Alternative Protection
As most of you know we've had our first predator attack earlier this Spring. Although we've taken care of the issue for the time being, we've been looking into new options and methods for predator protection for our chickens. Although I'd be pleased with just getting some Livestock Guardian Dogs, our Bernese Mountain Dogs, Nike and CoPilot, wouldn't be too happy with us. To keep a happy home we've decided upon guard donkeys! Above is a photo of Mia. She's our most recent addition to the farm. In the coming weeks we hope to have new cattle fencing up to be able to better rotationally graze our cattle while they're out on pasture. With the new fencing we will be in the market for 6 more donkeys (possibly miniatures :D) in hope to have a set with each of our coops that will be in each of the designated, fenced in pastures. I love all animals so I, personally, can not wait!
 Plant. Grow. Harvest. Feed. 
Deer Run Farm plants, grows and harvests all of the feed that the cattle eat right here on the farm. It's a lot of work, but in the end we're able to tell our meat customers exactly what they've ate and exactly how it was grown. With the ever-growing desire for meat buyers to know how their meat was raised, we're one of the few that can say for certain that our cows live happy lives and are fed properly and appropriately. If you're ever in the neighborhood and want to try our beef you can visit our on farm store or find us at any of the following Farmers' Markets:
Thursday, 12:30pm - 6pm: Fulks Corner Market in Gaithersburg, MD
Friday, 10am - 2pm: Key City Food and Farm Market in Frederick, MD
Friday, 3pm - 6pm: Emmitsburg Farmers' Market in Emmitsburg, MD
Saturday, 9am - 12pm: Thurmont Farmers' Market in Thurmont, MD
Sarturday, 9am - 1pm: Maple Lawn Farmers' Market in Fulton, MD

Scenic Tractor Ride
Deer Run Farm is teaming up with Keysville Grace UCC to help host a Community Day on August 18th. In doing so we've prepared a route for a tractor ride on the backroads of Rocky Ridge, Emmitsburg and Keymar, Maryland. If you're a farmer looking for an excuse to get out of the fields for a few hours or just a tractor enthusiast looking to show off your tractor, we need you! We'd love to get as many tractors to join our ride starting at 10am sharp and finishing at the church just in time for lunch and music! Click the link below for more information, or give me (Allison) a call to register for the ride. The church's Community Day will be from noon until 4pm on Saturday, August 18th. Hot dogs and burgers donated to the church from Deer Run Farm will be available for purchase and we will have music from The Band Aids.

 Meet Your Farmer!
- Ronnie - 
Josh's dad, Ronnie, retired from his day to day job as a machinist just a short 3 years ago. You could say he's busier now than when he wasn't retired with all the farm chores he's picked up in his "spare" time. Ronnie is the reason why the farm exists. His dad farmed and raised a few cattle every year and it became Ronnie's dream to have his own farm and continue raising cattle to pass on to his children. 22 years later and we're still farming the same farm Annie and him purchased to pursue his dream!

Deer Run Farm
Registered Red Angus & Heritage Breed Chickens
15131 Sixes Road
Emmitsburg, MD


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Welcome to the neighborhood, Mia!
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