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You asked. We listened. 🥚🐣🐥🍀

Posted 3/16/2018 8:23pm by Allison Rostad.
Since the purchase of Whitmore Farm’s poultry operation, we’ve been attentively listening to our customers’ feedback and suggestions. This attentive listening has led us to investigate methods of shipping for smaller quantities of chicks.
We’re now happy to announce the option to buy as few as 10 chicks for mail order!!
Previously we’ve only offered minimum shipped orders of 25 chicks and orders in multiples of 25 chicks to ensure the health and safety of our shipped chicks. Now, with some box experiments and packaging trials (Don't worry! No chicks were harmed or sacrificed in these experiments or trials.), we will ship as few as 10 chicks and in multiples of 10 chicks. This shipping method will still consist of a box designed for proper airflow, our usual nest pad for the chicks to maintain proper footing and absorption of droppings, and gro-gel to get them to their destination without dehydration. This new shipping method will also include a 72 hour heat pack to provide additional heat from the lack of extra chick bodies (unless of course it's already hot enough outside when and where they're headed!) and a smaller box to encapsulate that heat helping to provide a better heated environment for the chicks during their travels.
We’ve just recently updated our website to include options for both “bulk” shipped orders, which will be for 25+ chick orders at our regular prices, and “minimum” shipped orders, which will be for our 10+ chick orders at a little higher price point to cover the costs of the new, special packaging for the smaller quantities. 
We’re excited to be able to offer our USDA NPIP disease-free chicks to the smaller, ever-growing in popularity, backyard flock enthusiasts and be able to increase awareness of truly-clean poultry. In the past we’ve had to turn away potential buyers who couldn’t accept 25 chicks at a time, stripping them of their opportunity to own AI, PT, MG and MS clean birds. Now we can happily offer our clean, healthy and show-worthy birds to a wider range of chicken lovers!
To help get the word out we will be running a short Facebook contest for a chance to win a variety 10 pack of chicks shipped the first Tuesday after Easter (April 3rd, 2018). You can enter to win the contest by sharing our announcement post with your friends on Facebook. We will have a random drawing on Easter Sunday and announce the winner live! Check out our Facebook after 10am today to enter.
Don't forget we're still taking orders for Spring chicks! Our last hatch for the Spring is June 5th so there's still time to take advantage of our new "minimum shipped" chicks! 
P.S. Happy St. Patricks Day!
Deer Run Farm
Registered Red Angus & Heritage Breed Chickens
15131 Sixes Road • Emmitsburg, MD 21727
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